nimittany atyaristani
kale tv anugate nrnam
drstvovacanujam nrpah
nimittani—causes; ati—very serious; aristani—bad omens; kale—in course of time; tu—but; anugate—passing away; nrnam—of humanity at large; lobha-adi—such as greed; adharma—irreligious; prakrtim—habits; drstva—having observed; uvaca—said; anujam—younger brother; nrpah—the King.
In course of time it came to pass that people in general became accustomed to greed, anger, pride, etc. Maharaja Yudhisthira, observing all these omens, spoke to his younger brother.
Such a pious king as Maharaja Yudhisthira at once became perturbed when there were such inhuman symptoms as greed, anger, irreligiosity and hypocrisy rampant in society. It appears from this statement that all these symptoms of degraded society were unknown to the people of the time, and it was astonishing for them to have experienced them with the advent of the Kali-yuga, or the age of quarrel.

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