kaccit te 'namayam tata
bhrasta-teja vibhasi me
alabdha-mano 'vajnatah
kim va tata cirositah
kaccitwhether; teyour; anamayamhealth is all right; tatamy dear brother; bhrastabereft; tejahluster; vibhasiappear; meto me; alabdha-manahwithout respect; avajnatahneglected; kimwhether; vaor; tatamy dear brother; cirositahbecause of long residence.
My brother Arjuna, please tell me whether your health is all right. You appear to have lost your bodily luster. Is this due to others disrespecting and neglecting you because of your long stay at Dvaraka?
From all angles of vision, the Maharaja inquired from Arjuna about the welfare of Dvaraka, but he concluded at last that as long as Lord Sri Krsna Himself was there, nothing inauspicious could happen. But at the same time, Arjuna appeared to be bereft of his bodily luster, and thus the King inquired of his personal welfare and asked so many vital questions.

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