varanendram puraskrtya
brahmanaih sasumangalaih
brahma-ghosena cadrtah
pratyujjagmu rathair hrstah
varana-indramelephants on the auspicious mission; puraskrtyaputting in the front; brahmanaihby the brahmanas; sa-sumangalaihwith all-auspicious signs; sankhaconchshell; turyabugle; ninadenaby the sound of; brahma-ghosenaby chanting the hymns of the Vedas; caand; adrtahglorified; pratitowards; ujjagmuhproceeded hurriedly; rathaihon the chariots; hrstahin cheerfulness; pranayagatasaturated with affection; sadhvasahall-respectful.
They hastened toward the Lord on chariots with brahmanas bearing flowers. Before them were elephants, emblems of good fortune. Conchshells and bugles were sounded, and Vedic hymns were chanted. Thus they offered their respects, which were saturated with affection.
The Vedic way of receiving a great personality creates an atmosphere of respect, which is saturated with affection and veneration for the person received. The auspicious atmosphere of such a reception depends on the paraphernalia described above, including conchshells, flowers, incense, decorated elephants, and the qualified brahmanas reciting verses from the Vedic literatures. Such a program of reception is full of sincerity, on the part of both the receiver and the received.

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