In the Vidagdha-madhava, Kutila, a sister-in-law of Radharani, began to criticize Krsna in this way: "Krsna, You are standing here, and Radharani, who has just been married to my brother, is also standing here. Now I know both of You very well, so why should I not be very anxious to protect my sister-in-law from Your dancing eyes?" This is an instance of dishonorable words used to indirectly criticize Krsna.
Similarly, some of the gopis once began to address Krsna with these dishonorable words: "My dear Krsna, You are a first-class thief. So please leave this place immediately. We know You love Candravali more than us, but there is no use in praising her in our presence! Kindly do not contaminate the name of Radharani in this place!" This is another instance of dishonorable words cast upon Krsna in ecstatic love.
There is another statement in the Tenth Canto, 31st Chapter, 16th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam. When all the gopis came out of their homes to meet Krsna in the Vrndavana forest, Krsna refused to accept them and asked them to go home, giving them some moral instruction. At that time the gopis began to speak as follows: "My dear Krsna, there is extreme distress in being out of Your presence, and there is extreme happiness simply in seeing You. Therefore we have all left our husbands, relatives, brothers and friends and have simply come to You, being captivated by the sound of Your transcendental flute. O infallible one, You had better know what is the reason for our coming here. In plain words, we are here simply because we have been captivated by the sweet sound of Your flute. We are all beautiful girls, and You are so foolish that You are rejecting our association. We do not know anyone, other than Yourself, who would miss this opportunity to associate with young girls in the dead of night!" This is another instance of indirect insults used against Krsna in ecstatic love.
In the Padyavali, one of the friends of Radharani once addressed Her thusly: "My dear friend, please do not be too puffed up because Krsna has decorated Your forehead with His own hand. It may be that Krsna is yet attracted by some other beautiful girl. I see that the decoration on Your forehead is very nicely made, and so it appears that Krsna was not too disturbed in painting it. Otherwise, He could not have painted such exact lines!" This is an instance of indirect dishonor caused by Radha's good fortune.
In the Tenth Canto, 30th Chapter, 26th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam there is the following statement: "When the gopis were searching for Krsna and Radha after the rasa dance, they thus began to speak amongst themselves: 'We have seen the footprints of Krsna and Radha on the ground of Vrndavana, and they are giving us great pain, because Krsna is everything to us. But that girl is so cunning that She has taken Him away alone and is enjoying His kissing without sharing Him with us!' " This is another instance of casting dishonoable words against Krsna and Radha, pouting over the good fortune of Srimati Radharani.

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