In the Tenth Canto, 71st Chapter, 29th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam, it is said: "When Krsna first came from His kingdom, Dvaraka, to Indraprastha, the young females of the city became so eager to see Him that even at night, when they were lying down with their husbands, they could not restrain their eagerness. Even though they were not properly dressed and although their hair was loose and there were many household duties to perform, they still gave up everything and immediately went into the street to see Krsna." This is an instance of eagerness of ecstatic love.
In his book Stavavali, Sri Rupa Gosvami has prayed for the mercy of Radharani, who was so captivated by the flute vibrations of Krsna that She immediately asked information of His whereabouts from residents in the Vrndavana forest. Upon first seeing Krsna, She was filled with such ecstatic love and pleasure that She began to scratch Her ears. The damsels of Braja and Radharani were very expert in talking cunningly, so as soon as they saw Krsna they began their talkings; and Krsna, pretending to go for some flowers for them, immediately left that place and entered into a mountain cave. This is another instance of eager loving exchanges on the parts of both the gopis and Krsna.
When Krsna was fighting with the Kaliya snake by dancing on his heads, Kaliya bit Krsna on the leg. At that time Garuda became infuriated and began to murmur: "Krsna is so powerful that simply by His thundering voice the wives of Kaliya have had miscarriages. Because my Lord has been insulted by this snake, I wish to immediately devour him, but I cannot do so in the presence of my Lord, because He may become angry with me." This is an instance of eagerness to act in ecstatic love as a result of dishonor to Krsna.
When Sisupala objected to the worship of Krsna in the raja-suya arena at a sacrifice organized by Maharaj Yudhisthira, Nakula, the younger brother of Arjuna, said, "A person who cannot tolerate the worship of Krsna is my enemy and is possessed of a demonic nature. Therefore I wish to strike my left foot upon his broad head, just to punish him more strongly than the wand of Yamaraja!" Then Nakula began to lament like this: "Oh, all auspiciousness to Lord Krsna! I am so surprised to see that the condemned descendants of the Kuru dynasty, who so unlawfully occupied the throne of the Kuru kingdom, are at the same time criticizing Krsna with diplomatic devices. Oh, this is intolerable!" This is another instance of eagerness caused by dishonor to Krsna.

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