When Radharani was first introduced to Krsna, She felt very bashful. One of Her friends addressed Her in this way: "My dear friend, You have already sold Yourself and all Your beauty to Govinda. Now You should not be bashful. Please look upon Him cheerfully. One who has sold an elephant to another person should not make a miserly quarrel about selling the trident which controls the elephant." This kind of bashfulness is due to a new introduction in ecstatic love with Krsna.
The heavenly King, Indra, upon being defeated in his fight with Krsna for possession of the parijata flower, became very bashful because of his defeat. He was standing before Krsna, bowing down his head, when Krsna said, "All right, Indra, you can take this parijata flower. Otherwise, you will not be able to show your face before your wife, Sacidevi." Indra's bashfulness was due to defeat. In another instance, Krsna began to praise Uddhava for his various high qualifications. Upon being praised by Krsna, Uddhava also bowed down his head bashfully.
In Hari-vamsa, Satyabhama, feeling slighted by Rukmini's high position, said, "My dear Krsna, the Raivataka Mountain is always full of spring flowers, but when I have become persona non grata to You, what is the use of my observing them?" This is an instance of bashfulness resulting from being defeated.

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