An example of perspiring because of jubilation is described in Srimad-Bhagavatam. One gopi addressed Radharani thusly: "My dear Radharani, You are rebuking the sunshine unnecessarily, but I can understand that You are perspiring only because of Your becoming too lusty at seeing Krsna."
Perspiration caused by fearfulness was exhibited by Raktak, one of the servants of Krsna. One day Krsna dressed Himself just like Abhimanyu, the husband of Radharani. Abhimanyu did not like Radharani's association with Krsna, and therefore when Raktak saw Krsna in the dress of Abhimanyu and thus mistook His identity, he began to strongly rebuke Him. As soon as Raktak finally understood that it was Krsna in the dress of Abhimanyu, he began perspiring. This perspiration was caused by fearfulness.
Perspiration due to anger was exhibited by Garuda, the eagle who is the carrier of Visnu. Once the heavenly king, Indra, was sending torrents of rain over Vrndavana. Garuda was observing the incident from above the clouds, and because of his anger, he began perspiring.

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