The symptom of becoming stunned is caused by ecstatic tribulation, fearfulness, astonishment, lamentation and anger. This symptom is exhibited by a stoppage of talking, a stoppage of movement, a feeling of voidness and an extreme feeling of separation.
When Uddhava was describing Krsna's pastimes to Vidura, he said, "One day the gopis became stunned when Krsna, in the dress of a gardening maid, entered the greenhouse and enlivened them with joking and laughter. Then when Krsna left the greenhouse, the gopis were seeing Krsna so ecstatically that it was as though both their minds and eyes were following Him." These symptoms signify that although the gopis' business was not finished, they had become stunned with ecstatic love.
Another example of being stunned took place when Krsna was surrounded by various wrestlers in the sacrificial arena of Kamsa. His mother, Devaki, then became stunned, and her eyes dried up when she saw Krsna amongst the wrestlers.
There is also an example of the astonishment of Lord Brahma. It is explained in the Tenth Canto, 13th Chapter, 51st verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam that when Brahma understood that this cowherd boy was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, he became stunned. All of his sensual activities became stopped upon seeing all the cowherd boys again, along with Krsna. Lord Brahma was so stunned that he appeared to be a golden statue with four heads. Also, when the residents of Braja found that Krsna had lifted Govardhan Hill with His left hand, they became stunned.
Astonishment caused by lamentation is exemplified when Krsna was entering into the belly of the Bakasura demon and all the demigods from higher planets became stunned with lamentation. A similar example of becoming stunned was visible in Arjuna when he saw that Asvatthama was attempting to release his brahmastra at Krsna.

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