A person whose word of honor is never broken is called truthful. Krsna once promised Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, that He would bring her five sons back from the battlefield of Kuruksetra. After the battle was finished, when all the Pandavas had come home, Kunti praised Krsna because His promise was so nicely fulfilled. She said, "Even the sunshine may one day become cool and the moonshine one day become hot, but still Your promise will not fail." Similarly, when Krsna, along with Bhima and Arjuna, went to challenge Jarasandha, He plainly told Jarasandha that He was the eternal Krsna, present along with two of the Pandavas. The story is that both Krsna and the Pandavas-in this case Bhima and Arjuna-were ksatriyas (warrior-kings). Jarasandha was also a ksatriya and was very charitable toward the brahmanas. Thus Krsna, who had planned to fight with Jarasandha, went to him with Bhima and Arjuna in the dress of brahmanas. Jarasandha, being very charitable toward the brahmanas, asked them what they wanted, and they expressed their desire to fight with him. Then Krsna, dressed as a brahmana, declared Himself to be the same Krsna who was the King's eternal enemy.

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