A person who can speak meaningful words and with all politeness and good qualities is called vavaduka, or fluent. There is a nice statement in the Srimad-Bhagavatam regarding Krsna's speaking politely. When Krsna politely bade His father, Nanda Maharaj, to stop the ritualistic offering of sacrifice to the raingod, Indra, a wife of one village cowherd man became captivated. She later thus described the speaking of Krsna to her friends: "Krsna was speaking to His father so politely and gently that it was as if He were pouring nectar into the ears of all present there. After hearing such sweet words from Krsna, who will not be attracted to Him?"
Krsna's speech, which contains all good qualities in the universe, is described in the following statement by Uddhava: "The words of Krsna are so attractive that they can immediately change the heart of even His opponent. His words can immediately solve all of the questions and problems of the world. Although He does not speak very long, each and every word from His mouth contains volumes of meaning. These speeches of Krsna are very pleasing to my heart."

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