Any person who can quickly execute a very difficult task is called expert. About the expertise of Krsna there is a statement in the Tenth Canto, 59th Chapter, 13th verse, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, wherein Sukadeva Gosvami tells Maharaj Pariksit: "O best of the Kurus, Sri Krsna cut into pieces all the different weapons used by different fighters." Formerly, fighting was done by releasing different kinds of arrows. One party would release a certain arrow, and the other party had to defeat it by counteracting it with another arrow. For example, one party might release an arrow which would cause water to pour from the sky, and to counteract this, the opposing party would have to release an arrow which could immediately turn the water into clouds. So from this statement it appears that Krsna was very expert in counteracting the enemy's arrows. Similarly, at the rasa dance, each and every gopi requested that Krsna individually become her partner, and Krsna immediately expanded Himself into so many Krsnas in order to be coupled with each and every gopi. The result was that each gopi found Krsna by her side.

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