The effulgence pervading the universe is considered to be the rays of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The supreme abode of Krsna is always throwing off the effulgence known as brahma-jyoti, and that effulgence is emanating from His body.
The luster of the hosts of jewels fixed on the chest of the Lord can defeat even the luster of the sun, and still, when compared with the bodily luster of the Lord, that crest of jewels appears to be only as bright as one of the stars in the sky. Therefore the transcendental influence of Krsna is so great that it can defeat anyone. When Krsna was present in the sacrificial arena of His enemy King Kamsa, the wrestlers present, although appreciating the softness of the body of Sri Krsna, were nevertheless afraid and perturbed when they thought of engaging with Him in battle.

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