There are certain characteristics of different limbs which are considered to be very auspicious and are fully present in the body of the Lord. In this connection, one friend of Nanda Maharaj, speaking about Lord Krsna's auspicious bodily symptoms, said, "My dear King of the cowherds, I can find 32 auspicious symptoms on the body of your son! I am wondering how this boy could have taken His birth in a family of cowherd men." Generally, when Lord Krsna appears He does so in a family of ksatriyas (kings), as did Lord Ramacandra, and sometimes in a family of brahmanas. But Krsna accepted the role of son to Maharaj Nanda, despite the fact that Nanda belonged to the vaisya community. The business of the vaisya community is trade, commerce and the protection of cows. Therefore his friend, who may have been born into a brahmana family, expressed his wonder at how such an exalted child could take birth in a family of vaisyas. Anyway, he pointed out the auspicious signs on the body of Krsna to the boy's foster father.
He continued: "This boy has a reddish luster in seven places-His eyes, the ends of His hands, the ends of His legs, His palate, His lips, His tongue and His nails. A reddish luster in these seven places is considered to be auspicious. Three parts of His body are very broad: His waist, forehead and chest. Three parts of His body are short: His neck, thighs and genitals. Three parts of His body are very deep: His voice, intelligence and navel. There is highness in five parts of His body: His nose, arms, ears, forehead and thighs. In five parts of His body there is fineness: His skin, the hairs on His head and on the other parts of His body, His teeth and His fingertips. The aggregate of all these bodily features is manifest only in the bodies of great personalities."
The fate lines on the palm are also considered to be auspicious bodily symptoms. In this connection, one old gopi informed King Nanda, "Your son possesses various wonderful fate lines on His palms. There are the signs of lotus flowers and wheels on His palms, and on His soles there are the signs of a flag, thunderbolt, fish, rod for controlling elephants, and a lotus flower. Please observe how auspicious these signs are!"

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