Letter to: Brahmananda

16 October, 1968
My Dear Brahmananda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Oct. 10, 1968, and I am so much grateful to you for your kind sentiments for me. It is all Krishna's Grace that He has sent such a nice assistants to me, for executing the mission of my Spiritual Master. Personally, I am nonentity; I have come here on the order of my Spiritual Master, and He has kindly sent you all boys to assist me. So whatever is being done, there is no credit for me, but all the credit goes to my Spiritual Master, because He has arranged everything, and I am simply to abide by His order.
Regarding Gargamuni: All of a sudden I thought that he should go and take charge of his father's business. And as soon as I proposed, he phoned to his father and he also was very much anxious to receive. So this is also another chance for us, that we can show a model factory. Actually as you say, that we want to perfect everything with Krishna Consciousness. Our policy is that without Krishna, everything is zero. But zero by the side of Krishna, is 10, 100, and so on. So the whole Vaisnava philosophy is like that. The Ravana class of men, they want Sita without Rama, and therefore there is havoc. Ravana kidnapped Sita from the clutches of Ravana, and the result was that the whole nation, whole family, was vanquished. And Hanuman's policy was to bring back Sita and let her sit down by the side of Rama. So we do not neglect anything, because everything is manifestation of Krishna's energy. Krishna's energy means Sita, and Krishna is Rama. So all material energy that are working in the material world, can be engaged in the service of the Lord. Actually, if your father fortunate, and I think he is fortunate, because he has got two nice sons, so Krishna is certainly pleased on him. His present demoniac qualification is no bar for getting mercy of Krishna, because you are two sons present for his salvation. Just like Prahlada Maharaja—his father was atheist, and he was always inimical to his great son, but still the son was so good that he arranged for the salvation of his father. So Vaisnava son in a family can give the best service to his family members, and you are ideal two brothers in this country, and you show the example how everything can be adopted, in the service of Krishna. So I am glad that you have got all these ideas, and Gargamuni has got the energy and your father is also willing, that you should cooperate, so let us take this good chance, and try to utilize it for Krishna Consciousness movement.
I am glad that MacMillan Company has agreed to give us 50%. Now out of this, 50%, 40% should be given to all centers. Immediately as you receive consignment of books, you immediately distribute, allowing the 40% and the shipping charges should be borne by them, and you take care of 10% for our investment. That is business like. And with the supply of books, immediately bill should be submitted and you have to see that the bill is paid duly. Regarding bank reference: I am sending herewith one copy of the letter of the First National City Bank, in which the balance is there. I think the balance is little more, so you can send the copy of letter to them. Besides that, I have got some money in the Trade and Trust Bank, and some money in Bank of America. In the Bank of America, Haight Clayton Branch, San Francisco, Cal., my account number is 262101746. I think that is sufficient reference for them, and they can draw the bill at 60 days sight, and supply the books to us.
Regarding Hayagriva: I think you can open direct correspondence with him in the matter of his willingness to marry, and I think he is serious about rendering service to the society. Recently he has sent me one press cutting that is very nice, and I am enclosing herewith the press cutting. If possible, you can get some copies photostatted. And send me some copies.
Regarding Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda: I have already written them again, that they do not be lethargic; be enthusiastic. And do something for the society. So you can also write to them that they have gone there on a mission to work for the society, so they should try their best to remain in India and work for the society. Simply if they approach big business firms in Bombay, I think they can collect not less than 100 to 200 Rs. daily. But they must be enthusiastic. If they become dead bodies, then it is not possible. I do not know why American boys should be so much lethargic. And I don't think Acyutananda can be engaged as leader in any group. He can work only as assistant. So you write them as far as possible. Otherwise, let them come back—what can be done? I have already written to them.
I think also that Gargamuni also should be supplied with another bride. Because karmis without association of woman, cannot work. So as he is going to be a karmi—not exactly karmi, karma-yogi, so if he likes, he can marry again. But he cannot be a very strict husband, otherwise the same thing will happen. Because in America, the girls are not so trained that they will be very much obedient. So you think over, but if he likes, he can marry again.
I have not received any reply as yet from Purusottama, but I have sent him a detailed letter about the condition on which we can occupy the office room in the Church Center.
Most probably, I will have to go from here to Vancouver or Montreal to take my immigration visa, and from Vancouver I may go directly to Santa Fe, and from Santa Fe, I may go to Los Angeles. Then I shall prepare my next program. Let us see what Krishna desires. I hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
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