Letter to: Jayapataka

6 October, 1968
My Dear Jayapataka,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter Sept. 25, 1968, and I have noted the contents carefully. I am very much concerned about yourself that you have been injured, by working; I do not know what sort of ugra-karma you were doing, but whatever you do, you must be careful. Your body is dedicated to Krishna, therefore you should not be neglectful about your body. You should always think that your body is no more your body, but it is Krishna's body. Therefore you should take care of it. So far studying Bengali, of course if you can do with spare time, I have no objection. But I don't think there is any importance in studying Bengali. It is too late now to study Bengali and become a scholar, neither Bengali is very useful in your country and this part of the world, but there are many literatures in Bengali. If you can study conveniently, then spare your time; otherwise, do not waste your time. Hare Krsna-Importance 07">If you have got some time, the best thing would be to chant Hare Krishna more and more. Because our life is very short, and we have to finish our Krishna Consciousness this life very quickly. We do not know when we shall meet our next death, our next exit from this platform. But before going out of this platform, we may try to finish Krishna Consciousness. That is our main business.
I have not heard anything about publication of our Back To Godhead in French language. What about the printing in mimeograph machine? I am very much anxious to hear about it. Please issue the mimeograph copies of Back To Godhead as soon as possible. And Hamsaduta we wrote me about starting some press, but I have not heard anything about the press starting. I am interested in starting the press, so if you can manage it will be very nice. Another thing, you ask Janardana why he does not write me since I have come back to New York from Montreal. I have not heard anything from him. So I am also interested to know whether he is doing translation work or not. Please ask him to write me. And also, I have written one letter to Hamsaduta that please ask him to reply me as soon as possible.
Here in Seattle, things are going nicely, and it may be from here I may go to Florida. There is some friend in Florida who wants to help us to open a center there. All of you please chant Hare Krishna, and hear the sound vibration, and serve Krishna and Spiritual Master to your best capacity and everything will be all right. Please offer by blessings to all the devotees and I am expecting letters especially from Hamsaduta and Janardana. Hope this will find you in good health,
Yours ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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