Letter to: Madhavi Lata

20 June, 1968
My Dear Madhavi Lata,
Please accept my blessings. I am so much pleased to receive your nice letter of June 11, 1968, all full with humility and love and very nice sentiments. Your simplicity is a great asset for Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is very kind to the meek and simple, so dullness of the material world and consciousness about Krishna go well together. Too much intelligence in material activities are detraction from Krishna Consciousness. Better to remain dull and simple as you are, and thus make advancement in Krishna Consciousness. There is a nice story about Bharata Maharaja, who remained just like a dullard, in order to avoid material association. And he was known as Jada Bharata, but when he was tested, Maharaja Rohugan found him highly advanced in Krishna Consciousness, and became his disciple.
Yes, you stay in Boston. Please learn this painting under care of Jadurani. Please always talk about Krishna amongst you two sisters, and enjoy life. This is very good opportunity that you are talking and painting about Krishna, so that your mind, hand, and attention are all absorbed in Krishna samadhi, and tongue chanting Hare Krishna. This is first class samadhi, and the highest position of the greatest yogi. Try to continue this atmosphere happily.
Now, Devananda and Satsvarupa, and you and Jadurani try to develop the temple very nicely. Satsvarupa and Devananda shall live separately and you and Jadurani shall live separately, in different compartments, that will be very nice. And be always engaged in Krishna topics, then Maya will never touch you.
If you want you can cut your hairs, but there is no need of cutting. It would be nicer if you can put on sari, you can learn it from Jadurani. You must remain like a nice girl. The dress and appearance is social convention of the society.
Hoping you are well.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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