Letter to: Purusottama

19 June, 1968
My Dear Purusottama,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of June 15, 1968. I thank you very much for your feelings about me, but you should know that you are always with me. Because you are sincere servitor of Krishna and following my direction sincerely, so you are always with me. In future, of course, I shall try to keep you in my association as soon as there is such opportunity; in the meantime, I shall request you to open correspondence with Mr. Marcial Tamayo, or Mr. David J. Exley, chief of the NGO section of U.N., to get some appointment for meeting so that we can furthermore impress them about the importance of this movement, and thereby seeking cooperation from the U.N. for disseminating our great philosophy to the responsible personalities of each and every nation. They have not yet come to understand the importance of this movement, but if they kindly hear patiently about the basic principles of the movement, they will feel obliged to get this enlightenment. You began contacting the U.N. and it has come to a little success, and with this clue, if we try more, then our purpose may be fulfilled in the very near future. So kindly try for this. If they want to see me personally, I shall be very glad also to meet them. The idea is that we want to get some facilities for presenting our formulas to the different nations of the world. The formula is very simple, but sublime at the same time. I think you shall try for this.
How is your store going on, Krishna's store? You have not written anything about it. You can also remind Brahmananda whether he has got the original letter received from Mr. Sahai of the Indian Embassy in Washington. If he has got that letter, please ask him to return it to me.
Hoping you are all well.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
P.S. I have not heard anything from Brahmananda since he has gone to N.Y.

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