Letter to: Jananivasa

Los Angeles
January 26, 1970

My dear Jananivasa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to thank you for your letter dated January 21, 1970, and I am so glad to read your thesis on "Krsna Consciousness is the Absolute Necessity for Mankind in this Age." I am very much obliged to you for so nicely presenting our philosophy, and I am also glad to learn that your professor is so pleased upon it that he has kindly given it the grade "A" and also allowed you to work for another paper.
So Krsna is giving you good chance for presenting Krsna Consciousness Movement in the circle of educated people. Do it to your best and Krsna will give you more and more strength. Scarcity of language which you are now feeling in this connection will be fulfilled by Krsna by the process of your eagerness to serve Him.
Perhaps you remember the verse in the tenth chapter of Bhagavad-gita that the Lord Himself supplies the light and intelligence from within the heart of a devotee who is constantly engaged in His transcendental loving service. So, the secret of success is that one should be eager to serve the Spiritual Master and Krsna simultaneously with the same regard and things will become automatically revealed in the heart of the devotee. I see that these symptoms are there very nicely in you and if you continue this attitude, I hope you will be a great preacher and teacher of Krsna Consciousness Movement in the world.
So for the time being you will hand over a copy of this thesis to Hayagriva Prabhu for publication in the BTG in two or three installments.
The last point you have inquired the meaning of the name Jananivasa. Jananivasa is the name of Lord Visnu. Jana means the living entities. Lord Visnu in His incarnation of Mahavisnu lying in the Causal Ocean gives shelter to all living entities who are not liberated at the time of dissolution. Again, when there is creation, these living entities are given chance to liberate themselves in the manifest creation by devotional activities. This process is going on eternally, and fortunate living entities take advantage of this manifest creation and return back to the spiritual world by devotional activities. So the rest of the living entities during dissolution is Mahavisnu. Thus His name is Jananivasa.
I hope this will meet you in very good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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