Letter to: Madhudvisa

Los Angeles
26 January, 1970
My Dear Madhudvisa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 25 January, 1970, along with two enclosures; namely the agenda for West coast presidential meeting and list of preparations offered to the Deities on the Disappearance Day of my Guru Maharaja.
I have read over the presidential agenda and have noted the pertinence of all the items. Now let us see the results of the conference and the practical outcomes of the subjects under discussion. The list of 108 feast preparations is also approved by me. Thank you very much.
Regarding our new temple, continue your efforts to secure a suitable place and when Krishna desires we shall find out a nice place. Already you have got one prospect in this large mansion.
Yes, it is our only prayer that we are always asking the Lord for further opportunities of service. We do not care to ask for anything else, so this is our only prayer. Our life is service to Krishna and how we may serve Him more and more that is our only desire.
So far the Christian preachers are concerned you may ask them to leave the Temple and address them like this - If you have to preach your Christian philosophy, why don't you ask people to come to your place? Why do you come here and disturb? Our Temple is especially meant for preaching Krishna Consciousness. In the world there are different philosophies and they have got their own temples also, long before our Temple was opened. There are places of worship of the Jews, of the Christians and of many other sects. They have got their different camps. Why do you come here and create disturbance?
New devotees should be told that the Christian preaching is already there; so if they are attracted by Christianity, the Christian Temples are there. When one comes to the Krishna Temple, he should try to understand krishna Consciousness. Actually, one who is advanced will not find any contradiction. The Christians teach love of Godhead, and we practically do it.
So one has to understand from the practical point of view. A man is judged by his activities. We see that they are engaged in smoking habits, eating meat and indulging in free mixing of boys and girls; these are not the activities of religious persons. Lord Jesus said and the Bible also says, "Thou shalt not Kill." But they are eating meat. So we must see practically if someone is leading a pure life and not be blinded by some sentiment. Our students are strictly observing the four rules or restraints from impure habits and they are factually living according to the highest standard of religious life. So we are actually following the principles of pure living in Krishna Consciousness, but it appears that these followers of the Christian philosophy have fallen down from the transcendental platform.
So one must be pure hearted. And if they are still inclined to remain Christian, they can go. There is no need of raising controversial points and thus wasting each other's time.
There are even different political groups and one group does not go to the other group to preach their tenants, but they have got their own camp. Besides that, when we perform our Kirtana in our home or Temple, nobody can legally disturb it. I hope this will clarify the situation.
Please offer my blessings to all the boys and girls and devotees there. I hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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