Letter to: Manager of Bank of Baroda

Los Angeles
21 May, 1970
Bank of Baroda
India Exchange Branch
Post Box No. 313
Calcutta-1, India
Dear Sir:
Re: My Savings Bank Account No. 29/12802
With reference to your letter No. Sb/34/2978, dated 5th May, 1970, I beg to inform you that Mr. M. M. De is my second son. When I left home, as a dutiful father I left some money for my family as future provision, So practically the money belongs to my sons and daughters, and I never thought that in future it would be difficult to transfer the money, otherwise I would have distributed the money while leaving home.
So the purpose of the remittance you have asked to send is to transfer their money to them. I hope this particular will be sufficient.
I advised you to transfer Rs. 5,000 to the savings bank account of Mr. M. M. De with the United Bank of India, Dharmatalla Street Branch. I understand that you have already transferred Rs. 1,000, and the balance of Rs. 4,000 may now be transferred on the strength of the above statement.
Yours sincerely,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
c.c. Mr. M.M. De

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