Letter to: Tejiyas

Los Angeles
20 May, 1970

My Dear Tejas Das,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 13rd May, along with your set of beads for chanting and request to become my initiated disciple.
So I am very glad to accept you as my initiated student, and your spiritual name is Tejas Das Brahmacari. Tejas means powerful. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Pariksit Mahara pointed out to Sukadeva Goswami that Lord Krsna is Tejas or the Incomparable Supreme Powerful, Personality of Godhead. I am returning your beads enclosed herewith, duly chanted upon by me.
Please follow the rules and regulations for advancing in Krsna Consciousness beginning with strict observance of the four restrictions, and chant daily the prescribed number of sixteen rounds on the beads, and you will grow strong in spiritual strength. Study our literatures with the cooperation of your God-brothers and sisters in Buffalo, and any questions you may have may be submitted to Srimad Rupanuga for answering. So in this way always find some engagement in Krsna's service and you will be supremely happy and successful in your life.
Always follow the prescribed program of Krsna Consciousness as it has already been established by the Spiritual Master, and thus executing your prescribed duties in the loving service of the Lord He will reveal himself to you in proportion to your sincere efforts to satisfy Him only. So now you are Krsna's servant, and if you give your life completely over to Him, He (Tejas) the All-powerful Lord will protect you from all dangers in all circumstances. Please always chant Hare Krsna Mantra without offense and be happy.
Now please take the good opportunity to learn how to practically prosecute Krsna Consciousness Movement so that you may help start new centers for expanding our program to every nook and corner, village and city. This is our business, to carry the message of Lord Caitanya to every person for his ultimate welfare. Help Rupanuga in the Buffalo Temple or otherwise as he may advise you to do, that is the best program for nowto become very well trained up in Krsna Consciousnessand then you can preach.
I am enclosing herewith a sheet listing the standard practices for devotees and the qualifications of a devotee for your reference.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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