Letter to: Brahmananda

Los Angeles
15 February, 1968
New York
My Dear Brahmananda,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your last letter dated Feb. 12, 1968, along with Dai Nippon Printing Company's material. Formerly, when Dvarakadhisa was in correspondence with this company, they quoted price for 400 pages of Srimad-Bhagavatam of the same size of binding at $5,400 for 5000 copies. So far I remember, I requested Dvarakadhisa to make it $5000 and I do not know what is the fate of the correspondence. But I remember that they quoted $5,4000 for 5000 copies. Now even the pages aren't so many. The pages are only 230, still they are quoting $6,390 for 5000 copies. Best thing would have been to search out the correspondence with Dvarakadhisa. So far printing is concerned, 12/14 Bembo on the paper 70 lb. is approved by me. Now you can search out the old correspondence with Dvarakadhisa if possible, and do the needful. Otherwise, as Mr. Kallman has said, you can find out somebody in New York. If it is published in N.Y. it is better, but I am sure no N.Y. man can give competitive price than Japan. I leave the matter to your judgement, and do the needful. Shipping time isn't very important, if you get competitive price, we should place the order to Japan.
As requested by you, I am sending herewith the beads and respective letters of Yadunandana Brahmacari, and Sudarsana devi; which please deliver to them with your good wishes and hand over to them the requisite list of regulations, etc. Also, Bhaktijana is there in N.Y., he may be nicely treated as he has come back, so he will understand the philosophy nicely. I have asked him to chant 64 rounds instead of 16.
Regarding apartments: we are Indians, especially mendicant, we can adjust things in any kind of place. But I shall stay in any place hell or heaven, if it is approved by you. Of course, on behalf of Krishna I am accepting your sincere service, but on the whole, I am servant of the servant of Krishna [Cc. Madhya 13.80]. Therefore I may be in designation your Spiritual Master, but actually I am servant of the servant of Krishna, and because you are all sincere servants of Krishna, I am your servant. I shall be glad to stay wherever yourself, Rayarama, and others like me to stay.
In San Francisco, everyone is desiring Jadurani for at least two months for consolidating a Brahmacarini asrama. If I ask her to come, she will surely come here, but I am seeking your opinion, if her coming here may hamper the cause there she is now conducting.
In my opinion, if we could get 5000 copies of Teachings of Lord Caitanya at $5000, that would have been a nice bargain. If possible try to contact Dvarakadhisa immediately, and see the whole correspondence, and do the needful. But do it as soon as possible. The sample of hardbound and the covering cloth, etc., are very nice. The paper is also nice, and the printing is also nice; now if they come down to the nice price, it all will be nice.
Hope you are well.
Your ever well-wisher,

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