naham vipro na ca nara-patir napi vaisyo na sudro
naham varni na ca grha-patir no vanastho yatir va
kintu prodyan-nikhila-paramananda-purnamrtabdher
gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah
na—not; aham—I; viprah—a brahmana; na—not; ca—also; nara-patih—a king or ksatriya; na—not; api—also; vaisyah—belonging to the mercantile class; na—not; sudrah—belonging to the worker class; na—not; aham—I; varni—belonging to any caste, or brahmacari (A brahmacari may belong to any caste. Anyone can become a brahmacari or lead a life of celibacy.); na—not; ca—also; grha-patih—householder; no—not; vana-sthahvanaprastha, one who, after retirement from family life, goes to the forest to learn how to be detached from family life; yatih—mendicant or renunciant; va—either; kintu—but; prodyan—brilliant; nikhila—universal; parama-ananda—with transcendental bliss; purna—complete; amrta-abdheh—who is the ocean of nectar; gopi-bhartuh—of the Supreme Person, who is the maintainer of the gopis; pada-kamalayoh—of the two lotus feet; dasa—of the servant; dasa-anudasah—the servant of the servant.
" 'I am not a brahmana, I am not a ksatriya, I am not a vaisya or a sudra. Nor am I a brahmacari, a householder, a vanaprastha or a sannyasi. I identify Myself only as the servant of the servant of the servant of the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krsna, the maintainer of the gopis. He is like an ocean of nectar, and He is the cause of universal transcendental bliss. He is always existing with brilliance.' "
This verse is found in the Padyavali (74).

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