Excerpt from morning walk conversation on January 21, 1974 in Hawaii.
Prabhupada: Oh. (break) ...distributed big books, from the very beginning.
Bali Mardana: And samosas.*
Prabhupada: And samosas, yes. (laughs)
Bali Mardana: One bookseller in New York.
Prabhupada: Yes, Paradise. Paradise?
Bali Mardana: Yes, I think that is it. The woman was telling us.
Prabhupada: Yes. She was very friendly. Mrs. Max Linder. Her husband is the proprietor, and she would call her husband, "Max, why don't you take these books," like this. She was friendly. And that Mr. Max was first-class businessman. He will extract as much profit as... (laughs) Hare Krsna. It was sold. Practically, in the beginning, they were selling. I was getting some money. There was no other income. Another bookseller, Oriental.
Bali Mardana: Yes, Oriental.
Nitai: Orientalia.
Prabhupada: Orientalia, yes. That lady was secretary of Dr. Mishra.

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