Excerpt from a morning walk conversation with His Divine Grace in Los Angeles on June 25, 1975.
Dr. Judah: ...devotees, I think a long time, haven't you?
Jayatirtha: Yes, Brahmananda was one of the original...
Dr. Judah: I've seen his picture so often times in the Back to Godhead magazine playing the mrdanga drum.
Jayatirtha: What is it, ten years, Brahmananda? Or nine years?
Brahmananda: Well, '66. August '66.
Dr. Judah: August '66. You are one of the very earliest.
Prabhupada: Actually, I began this movement from July '66. I came in '65 but I could not do anything. I was loitering here and there. Actually, I began my preaching work from '66, June, July, I think,yes.
Dr. Judah: You must have been one of the hippies he converted there in Tompkins Park then.
Brahmananda: Well, I wasn't quite a hippie. (laughter) There weren't hippies at that time. It was just beginning. So I had been to the university. I graduated NYU. But I'd been to India.
Dr. Judah: You had been to India?
Brahmananda: Yes. I was planning on going back also. I wanted to take a further degree. I was applying for a Fulbright.
Dr. Judah: I see. (break)

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