Room Conversation

March 27, 1977, Bombay
Tamala Krsna: If these men will give a little bit of aural reception, then they can get their misgivings, misunderstandings cleared away by speaking with you. But they will have to be ready to hear submissively and they have to be intelligent. Before I ever came to Krsna consciousness, I would have always understood that religion meant sectarian. That is a common idea. Someone sees a sadhu or religious person, they immediately take it this is unscientific and sectarian. [break]
Prabhupada: ...right?
Tamala Krsna: I wasn't clear about that, Srila Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: This is Mattrey's?
Tamala Krsna: Mrs. Mattrey? I can find out.
Prabhupada: All right. (end)

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