Morning Walk

February 29, 1976, Mayapura
Prabhupada: Laksmi should be engaged in the service of Narayana. At the present moment, Laksmi is under the clutches of Ravana, raksasa. So it should be delivered. Hanuman... So I am trying for that purpose, to deliver Sita from the clutches of Ravana. That is my mission.
Kirtiraja: You are succeeding also.
Prabhupada: Ravana class man wants only Sita, not Rama. Rama, they are condemning, these rascals, Suniti Chatterjee and others. But our mission is to keep Rama and Sita together. We are not satisfied that Rama should remain alone and Sita should be under the custody of Ravana. We can't... I don't want. Sita must be released from the custody of Ravana. With opulence means we are bringing Sita nearer, nearer, nearer... That is wanted. Otherwise, for a sannyasi, what is the use of these big buildings? No. We want these big buildings for service of Rama.
Devotee (1): [break]... Prabhupada, in the material world for motivating a person to collect laksmi, but this has to be the most beautiful point I ever heard.
Prabhupada: This is the real point. All other points besides this, they are Ravana's point. [Break] ...adjust things, taking Sita from the clutches of one Ravana to the another Ravana. The material... At the present moment... Just like the Communist. They are trying to take away money from the capitalists. So this process is taking Sita from clutches of Ravana, and it goes to another Ravana. Because both of them are Ravana, so there is no meaning to it. There will be no benefit. It has failed already. The Communist movement, it is simply now Lordism (?). Just like there are many rogues and dacoits. They plunder money and sometimes give to the poor. So this is another edition of the same thing, one Ravana to another Ravana. Just like Ramakrishna Mission-daridra-narayana-theory only, and that is also not perfect. It cannot be perfect. Communist theory is to take the money from the capitalists and distribute it to the poor, to the mass people.
Kirtiraja: But I have seen that they are not even distributing it to the poor.
Prabhupada: That cannot be...
Kirtiraja: There is no food. And there is even nothing to eat.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Kirtiraja: Nothing to eat...
Prabhupada: Nothing to receive.
Kirtiraja: ...nothing to eat, no flowers. So they are not even distributing it.
Prabhupada: So in Poland, there is no fruit, flower, eh?
Kirtiraja: Flowers are almost one dollar for one carnation. Fruit, I... The only fruit I have seen is apples. Oranges are very expensive, and that is all.
Prabhupada: Apples and that strawberry. In Russia, I have seen only strawberry. That's all. No fruit..., no other fruit. Fruit means strawberry. These rascals do not see that they are being punished by nature.
Hari-sauri: Their idea is that the more the struggle goes on, the better, the more glorified, they are.
Prabhupada: And therefore it is called "ass." (laughter) Ass works very hard, and he thinks, "I am glorified." Mudha. Therefore they are called mudha. Ugra-karma.
Kirtiraja: I have seen driving from Germany that even sometimes they don't have an animal ass. They become the ass, and they are carrying the big load on their back, almost on four legs. It is so heavy. (end)

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