Sri Isopanisad, Mantra 8

Los Angeles, May 11, 1970
(Prabhupada and devotees chant Invocation and verses 1-7)
Prabhupada: Again, from the beginning. (devotees repeat) Thank you very much. [break]
Apapa-viddham [Iso 8]. This is most important part of this verse. No sin can pollute Krsna. There is nothing sinful for Krsna. How it is? The example is given generally, just like the sun. There is no contamination for the sun. There is no possibility of the sun being contaminated, or the sun being dark. This is a material thing. So how Krsna, the Supreme Lord, He can be contaminated by any kind of sinful action? God is good. There cannot be any sinful action. Sometimes less intelligent class of men, they criticize Krsna, "Why Krsna did it?" Yes, Krsna is God. He can do anything, whatever He likes. Your laws cannot restrict Krsna. You may... For you there may be so many restrictive laws, but for Krsna there is no restrictive law. He can surpass all restrictive regulations. This question was put to Pariksit Maharaja after rasa-lila that "Krsna came to establish the principles of moral and religious life. How He enjoyed the company of so many young girls who were not...? They were wives of other persons. So how it is so?" So the answer was given that Krsna cannot be contaminated. Rather, anything comes to Krsna, even with contaminated mind, becomes purified. The same example: the sun cannot be contaminated, but anything contaminated, if you put into the sunshine, it becomes purified. So you approach Krsna with any desire... Akamah sarva-kamo va [SB 2.3.10]. The gopis... Of course, that is not this material thing. Still, as young girls, they were captivated by the beauty of Krsna. So they approached Krsna with a view to accept Him as parmour. But actually, they became purified.
So some way or other, if we can develop our Krsna consciousness, then immediately we become purified. That is the process. Krsna gives chance to everyone. Just like Kamsa. Kamsa was thinking of Krsna. He was also Krsna conscious, always thinking of Krsna, "Oh, how shall I find out Krsna? I shall kill Him." That was his business. That is the asuric mentality. Asurim bhavam asritah. But he also became purified. He got salvation. The same example again: somehow or other, if you come to the sunlight, you become purified and you get warmth. Not that sun becomes contaminated by you. No. That is not possible. Sun is so powerful that even you are contaminated... You cannot contaminate the sun. Tejiyasam na dosaya [SB 10.33.29]. When one is very powerful, there is no contamination. Therefore here it is said, apapa-viddham suddham. Always purified, Krsna. This is also explained in the Bhagavad-gita when Arjuna accepted Krsna, param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan: "You are the supreme pure." Pavitram paramam.
So same thing is here. The Vedic literature is not contradictory. Whatever you find in Brahma-samhita, the same thing you'll find in Isopanisad, the same thing you'll find Bhagavad-gita, same thing you'll find in other Vedic literature. It is our misunderstanding that we, sometimes we cannot understand. Otherwise, it is always the same truth spoken everywhere.
Thank you. Hare Krsna. Chant. (kirtana) (end)

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