Initiation Ceremony

Los Angeles, December 25, 1973
Karandhara: Prabhupada, do you want to give the names to the new devotees before the kirtana, and after the kirtana go on the walk?
Prabhupada: The name is not given?
Karandhara: No. I have the beads.
Prabhupada: So without name, how can we give?
Karandhara: No, I have the names. Do you want to give them now?
Prabhupada: Oh. Yes. We can give. So come on. No, no, mantra, one mantra. That mantra. Chant mantra, then I will give the names. [break] ...such atmosphere. So we have to maintain this.
Karandhara: Jesus. (devotee comes up) (all spiritual names first told by Karandhara to Prabhupada)
Prabhupada: Viraha. Viraha dasa. I am not asking individually about the four principles. I suppose you know this. But just I was explaining sat and asat. These two things are side by side. Just like there is darkness and there is light, you can see merging in the sunlight. You'll see, one side is light, and one side is dark. Similarly, sat and asat, they are existing side by side. If you don't remain this side, then you come to this side. So it is my choice. So this Hare Krsna is the bright side, and the other things, material activities and sinful activities, meat-eating, intoxication, gambling, illicit sex, the dark side. So it is your choice. If you remain the bright side, then your progress is certain, and if you fall down again on the dark side, that is your misfortune. So you should always remember that. Come on.
Karandhara: Marcos.
Prabhupada: Your spiritual name-Virabahu dasa.
Karandhara: Ilan.
Prabhupada: Your name is Havi Dasa.
Karandhara: Argenis.
Prabhupada: Your name is Tamohara.
Karandhara: Manuel.
Prabhupada: Your name is Pramana dasa.
Karandhara: Lynne.
Prabhupada: Manindra. Manindra. That's all.
Karandhara: Cary.
Prabhupada: So she has got another?
Karandhara: No, those are extra sets.
Prabhupada: Oh. So your name is Kusumika.
Karandhara: Kellyn.
Prabhupada: Karta dasi.
Karandhara: Elba.
Prabhupada: Vara dasi. Vara means excellent.
Karandhara: Audrey.
Prabhupada: Dhattreyi. Dhattreyi dasi. That's all.
Karandhara: That's all, Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Hare Krsna.
Devotees: Jaya Prabhupada. (end)

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