visnu-kanci asi' dekhila laksmi-narayana
pranama kariya kaila bahuta stavana
visnu-kancito the holy place named Visnu-kanci; asi'-coming; dekhilathe Lord saw; laksmi-narayanathe Deity of Lord Narayana with mother Laksmi, the goddess of fortune; pranama kariyaafter offering obeisances; kailamade; bahuta stavanamany prayers.
The Lord then visited a holy place known as Visnu-kanci. There He saw Laksmi-Narayana Deities, and He offered His respects and many prayers to please Them.
Visnu-kanci is situated about five miles away from Kanjivarama. It is here that Lord Varadaraja, another form of Lord Visnu, resides. There is also a big lake known as Ananta-sarovara.

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