siva-kanci asiya kaila siva darasana
prabhave 'vaisnava' kaila saba saiva-gana
siva-kanci—to the holy place named Siva-kanci; asiya—coming; kaila—did; siva darasana—visiting the temple of Lord Siva; prabhave—by His influence; vaisnava kaila—turned into Vaisnavas; saba—all; saiva-gana—the devotees of Lord Siva.
Arriving at Siva-kanci, Caitanya Mahaprabhu visited the deity of Lord Siva. By His influence, He converted all the devotees of Lord Siva into Vaisnavas.
Siva-kanci is also known as Kanjivarama, or the Benares of southern India. In Siva-kanci there are hundreds of temples containing symbolic representations of Lord Siva, and one of these temples is said to be very, very old.

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