tanre krpa kari' prabhu calila ara dine
vrddhakasi asi' kaila siva-darasane
tanreunto him; krpa kari'-showing mercy; prabhuLord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; calilatraveled; ara dinethe next day; vrddhakasito Vrddhakasi; asi'-coming; kailadid; siva-darasanevisiting Lord Siva's temple.
After showing mercy to the brahmana, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu left the next day and arrived at Vrddhakasi, where He visited the temple of Lord Siva.
Vrddhakasi's present name is Vrddhacalam. It is situated in the southern Arcot district on the bank of the river Manimukha. This place is also known as Kalahastipura. Lord Siva's temple there was worshiped for many years by Govinda, the cousin of Ramanujacarya.

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