TEXT 269
yo dustyajan ksiti-suta-svajanartha-daran
prarthyam sriyam sura-varaih sadayavalokam
naicchan nrpas tad ucitam mahatam madhu-dvit-
sevanurakta-manasam abhavo 'pi phalguh
yahone who; dustyajanvery difficult to give up; ksitiland; sutachildren; svajanarelatives; arthariches; daranand wife; prarthyamdesirable; sriyamfortune; sura-varaihby the best of the demigods; sa-dayamerciful; avalokamwhose glance; na aicchatdid not desire; nrpahthe King (Maharaja Bharata); tatthat; ucitamis befitting; mahatamof great personalities; madhu-dvitof the killer of the demon Madhu; seva-anuraktaengaged in the service; manasamthe minds of whom; abhavahcessation of the repetition of birth and death; apieven; phalguhinsignificant.
" 'It is very difficult to give up material opulence, land, children, society, friends, riches, wife or the blessings of the goddess of fortune, which are desired even by great demigods. But King Bharata did not desire such things, and this was quite befitting his position, because for a pure devotee whose mind is always engaged in service of the Lord, even the liberation of merging into the existence of the Lord is insignificant. And what to speak of material opportunities?'
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (5.14.44) concerning the glorification of King Bharata, whom Sukadeva Gosvami was describing to King Pariksit.

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