TEXT 226
'anghri-padma-sudha'ya kahe 'krsna-sangananda'
vidhi-marge na paiye vraje krsna-candra
anghri-padma-sudhayaby the nectar derived from the lotus feet of Krsna; kaheit says; krsna-sanga-anandatranscendental bliss by the association of Krsna; vidhi-margeon the path of regulative principles; na paiyeone does not get; vrajein Goloka Vrndavana; krsna-candraLord Krsna.
"The word 'anghri-padma-sudha' means 'associating intimately with Krsna.' One can attain such perfection only by spontaneous love of God. One cannot obtain Krsna in Goloka Vrndavana simply by serving the Lord according to regulative principles.

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