TEXT 140
tasam avirabhuc chaurih
pitambara-dharah sragvi
saksan manmatha-manmathah
tasam—among them; avirabhut—appeared; saurih—Lord Krsna; smayamana—smiling; mukha-ambujah—lotus face; pita-ambara-dharah—dressed with yellow garments; sragvi—decorated with a flower garland; saksat—directly; manmatha—of Cupid; manmathah—Cupid.
" 'When Krsna left the rasa-lila dance, the gopis became very morose, and when they were grieving, Krsna reappeared dressed in yellow garments. Wearing a flower garland and smiling, He was attractive even to Cupid. In this way Krsna appeared among the gopis.'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.32.2).

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