TEXTS 144-145
bahu stuti kari' kahe,--suna, daya-maya
jive ei guna nahi, tomate ei haya
more dekhi' mora gandhe palaya pamara
hena-more sparsa' tumi,--svatantra isvara
bahumany; stutiprayers; kari'-presenting; kahesays; sunakindly hear; daya-mayaO greatly merciful Lord; jivein the living entity; eithis; gunaquality; nahithere is not; tomatein You; eithis; hayais; more dekhi'-by seeing me; mora gandhefrom smelling my body; palayaruns away; pamaraeven a sinful man; hena-moresuch a person as me; sparsa'-touch; tumiYou; svatantrafully independent; isvarathe Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The brahmana Vasudeva continued, "O my merciful Lord, such mercy is not possible for ordinary living entities. Such mercy can be found only in You. Upon seeing me, even a sinful person goes away due to my bad bodily odor. Yet You have touched me. Such is the independent behavior of the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

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