TEXT 197
anya yata sadhya-sadhana kari' acchadana
ei tine hare siddha-sadhakera mana
anyaother; yataall; sadhya-sadhanaobjectives and transcendental practices; kari'-doing; acchadanacovering; ei tinethese three; haretake away; siddhasuccessful; sadhakeraof the student engaged in spiritual activities; manathe mind.
"These three items attract the mind of a perfect student engaged in spiritual activities and overcome all other processes of spiritual activity."
Spiritual activities other than bhakti-yoga are divided into three categories-speculative activity conducted by the jnana-sampradaya (learned scholars), fruitive activity conducted by the general populace according to Vedic regulations, and the activities of transcendentalists not engaged in devotional service. There are many different branches of these categories, but the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by His inconceivable potencies and transcendental qualities, attracts the mind of the student engaged in the activities of karma, jnana, yoga, and so forth. The Supreme Lord is full of inconceivable potencies, which are related to His person, His energies and His transcendental qualities. All of these are very attractive to the serious student. Consequently the Lord is known as Krsna, the all-attractive one.

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