TEXT 142
ya ya srutir jalpati nirvisesam
sa sabhidhatte sa-visesam eva
vicara-yoge sati hanta tasam
prayo baliyah sa-visesam eva
ya yawhatever; srutihthe Vedic hymns; jalpatidescribe; nirvisesamimpersonal truth; sathat; sathat; abhidhattedirectly describes (like a dictionary meaning); sa-visesampersonality; evacertainly; vicara-yogewhen accepted by intelligence; satibeing; hantaalas; tasamof all the Vedic mantras; prayahmostly; baliyahmore powerful; sa-visesampersonal variety; evacertainly.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu continued, " 'Whatever Vedic mantras describe the Absolute Truth impersonally only prove in the end that the Absolute Truth is a person. The Supreme Lord is understood in two features-impersonal and personal. If one considers the Supreme Personality of Godhead in both features, he can actually understand the Absolute Truth. He knows that the personal understanding is stronger because we see that everything is full of variety. No one can see anything that is not full of variety.'
This is a quotation from the Sri Caitanya-candrodaya-nataka (6.67), by Kavi-karnapura.

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