bhismakera iccha,--krsne kanya samarpite
putrera virodhe kanya narila arpite"
bhismakeraof King Bhismaka; icchathe desire; krsneunto Krsna; kanyadaughter; samarpiteto give; putreraof his son; virodheby the objection; kanyadaughter; narilawas unable; arpiteto offer.
"King Bhismaka wanted to give his daughter, Rukmini, in charity to Krsna, but Rukmi, his eldest son, objected. Therefore he could not carry out his decision."
As stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.52.25):
bandhunam icchatam datum
krsnaya bhaginim nrpa
tato nivarya krsna-dvid
rukmi caidyam amanyata
King Bhismaka of Vidarbha wanted to offer Krsna his daughter, Rukmini, but Rukmi, the eldest of his five sons, objected. Therefore he withdrew his decision and decided to offer Rukmini to the King of Cedi, Sisupala, who was a cousin of Krsna's. However, Rukmini conceived of a trick: she sent a letter to Krsna asking Him to kidnap her. Thus in order to please Rukmini, who was His great devotee, Krsna kidnapped her. There ensued a great fight between Krsna and the opposing party, headed by Rukmini's brother Rukmi. Rukmi was defeated and, because of his harsh words against Krsna, was about to be killed, but he was saved at the request of Rukmini. However, Krsna shaved off all of Rukmi's hair with His sword. Sri Balarama did not like this, and so to please Rukmini, Balarama rebuked Krsna.

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