TEXT 162
kirtana karite prabhura sarva-bhavodaya
stambha, kampa, pulakasru, gadgada, pralaya
kirtana karitewhile performing chanting; prabhuraof the Lord; sarvaall; bhava-udayamanifestations of ecstatic symptoms; stambhabeing stunned; kampatrembling; pulakastanding of the hair; asrutears; gadgadafaltering of the voice; pralayadevastation.
When the Lord performed kirtana, He manifested all kinds of transcendental symptoms. He appeared stunned and trembling, His hair stood on end, and His voice faltered. There were tears and devastation.
Devastation is described in the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu as a combination of happiness and distress that becomes conspicuous by an absence of any sense of them. In this condition, a devotee falls to the ground, and the subsequent symptoms in the body ensue. These symptoms are mentioned above, and when they become prominent in the body, a state called pralaya (devastation) is manifest.

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