natah param parama yad bhavatah svarupam
ananda-matram avikalpam aviddha-varcah
pasyami visva-srjam ekam avisvam atman
bhutendriyatmakam adas ta upasrito 'smi
na—not; atah—than this; param—more supreme; parama—O supreme one; yat—which; bhavatah—of Your Lordship; sva-rupam—the personal form; ananda—of transcendental bliss; matram—only; avikalpam—where there is no creation; aviddha—without contamination; varcah—having an effulgence; pasyami—I see; visva-srjam ekam—who alone has created this universe; avisvam—not belonging to the destructible material world; atman—O Supreme Soul; bhuta-indriya-atmakam—the original cause of the senses and the living beings; adah—transcendental; te—unto You; upasritah asmi—I take full shelter.
" 'O supreme one, the transcendental form I am now seeing is full of transcendental bliss. It is not contaminated by the external energy. It is full of effulgence. My Lord, there is no better understanding of You than this. You are the Supreme Soul and the creator of this material world, but You are not connected with this material world. You are completely different from created form and variety. I sincerely take shelter of that form of Yours which I am now seeing. This form is the original source of all living beings and their senses.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.9.3). This verse was spoken by Lord Brahma, who perfectly realized the Supreme Personality of Godhead after meditating upon the Lord within the water of the Garbhodhaka Ocean. Brahma realized that the form of the Lord is completely spiritual. This is certainly a better understanding of the Absolute Truth than impersonal understanding.

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