natah param parama yad bhavatah svarupam
ananda-matram avikalpam aviddha-varcah
pasyami visva-srjam ekam avisvam atman
bhutendriyatmaka-madas ta upasrito smi
nado not; atah paramhereafter; paramaO Supreme; yatthat which; bhavatahof Your Lordship; svarupameternal form; ananda-matramimpersonal Brahman effulgence; avikalpamwithout changes; aviddha-varcahwithout deterioration of potency; pasyamido I see; visva-srjamcreator of the cosmic manifestation; ekamone without a second; avisvamand yet not of matter; atmanO Supreme Cause; bhutabody; indriyasenses; atmakaon such identification; madahpride; teunto You; upasritahsurrendered; asmiI am.
O my Lord, I do not see a form superior to Your present form of eternal bliss and knowledge. In Your impersonal Brahman effulgence in the spiritual sky, there is no occasional change and no deterioration of internal potency. I surrender unto You because whereas I am proud of my material body and senses, Your Lordship is the cause of the cosmic manifestation and yet You are untouched by matter.
As stated in Bhagavad-gita (18.55), bhaktya mam abhijanati yavan yas casmi tattvatah: the Supreme Personality of Godhead can only be partially known, and only by the process of devotional service to the Lord. Lord Brahma became aware that the Supreme Lord Krsna has many, many eternal, blissful forms of knowledge. He has described such expansions of the Supreme Lord, Govinda, in his Brahma-samhita (5.33), as follows:
I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is nondual and infallible. He is the original cause of all causes, even though He expands in many, many forms. Although He is the oldest personality, He is ever youthful, unaffected by old age. The Supreme Personality of Godhead cannot be known by the academic wisdom of the Vedas; one has to approach the devotee of the Lord to understand Him.
The only way to understand the Lord as He is, is by devotional service to the Lord, or by approaching the devotee of the Lord who always has the Lord in his heart. By devotional perfection one can understand that the impersonal brahmajyoti is only a partial representation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna, and that the three purusa expansions in the material creation are His plenary portions. In the spiritual sky of the brahmajyoti there is no change of various kalpas or millenniums, and there are no creative activities in the Vaikuntha worlds. The influence of time is conspicuous by its absence. The rays of the transcendental body of the Lord, the unlimited brahmajyoti, are undeterred by the influence of material energy. In the material world also, the initial creator is the Lord Himself. He brings about the creation of Brahma, who becomes the subsequent creator, empowered by the Lord.

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