TEXT 196
keha kahe,-ei nahe, 'alpa' dosa haya
suniya rahila raya kariya samsaya
keha kahe—some of the learned brahmanas said; ei—this; nahe—not; alpa—insignificant; dosa—fault; haya—is; suniya—hearing; rahila—remained; rayaSubuddhi Raya; kariya—making; samsaya—doubt.
When Subuddhi Raya consulted some other brahmanas, they told him that he had not committed a grievous fault and that consequently he should not drink hot ghee and give up his life. As a result, Subuddhi Raya was doubtful about what to do.
This is another instance of Hindu custom. One brahmana would give advice condoning a particular fault, and another would give advice to the contrary. Typically, lawyers and physicians differ, giving one kind of instruction and then another. Due to the brahmanas' different opinions, Subuddhi Raya became further perplexed. He did not know what to do or what not to do.

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