srutva gunan bhuvana-sundara srnvatam te
nirvisya karna-vivarair harato 'nga-tapam
rupam drsam drsimatam akhilartha-labham
tvayy acyutavisati cittam apatrapam me
srutva—hearing; gunan—the transcendental qualities; bhuvana-sundara—O most beautiful in the whole creation; srnvatam—of those hearing; te—Your; nirvisya—entering; karna-vivaraih—by the holes of the ears; haratah anga-tapam—decreasing all the miserable conditions of the body; rupam—the beauty; drsam—of the eyes; drsimatam—of those who can see; akhila-artha-labham—the achievement of all kinds of gains; tvayi—unto You; acyuta—O infallible one; avisati—enters; cittam—the consciousness; apatrapam—without shame; me—my.
" 'O most beautiful Krsna, I have heard about Your transcendental qualities from others, and therefore all my bodily miseries are relieved. If one sees Your transcendental beauty, his eyes have attained everything profitable in life. O infallible one, I have become shameless after hearing of Your qualities, and I have become attracted to You.'
This verse (Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.52.37) was written by Rukminidevi in a letter to Krsna inviting Him to kidnap her. Sukadeva Gosvami described this to Maharaja Pariksit when the King asked him how Rukmini had been kidnapped. Rukmini had heard about Krsna's qualities from different people, and after she heard about them, she decided to accept Krsna as her husband. Everything had been arranged for her marriage to Sisupala; therefore she wrote a letter to Krsna, which she sent through a brahmana, and invited Him to kidnap her.

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