tasyaravinda-nayanasya padaravinda-
antargatah svavivarena cakara tesam
sanksobham aksara-jusam api citta-tanvoh
tasya—of Him; aravinda-nayanasya—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose eyes are like the petals of a lotus; pada-aravinda—of the lotus feet; kinjalka—with saffron; misra—mixed; tulasi—of tulasi leaves; makaranda—with the aroma; vayuh—the air; antargatah—entered; sva-vivarena—through the nostrils; cakara—created; tesam—of them; sanksobham—strong agitation; aksara-jusam—of the impersonally self-realized (Kumaras); api—also; citta-tanvoh—of the mind and body.
" 'When the breeze carrying the aroma of tulasi leaves and saffron from the lotus feet of the lotus-eyed Personality of Godhead entered through the nostrils into the hearts of those sages [the Kumaras], they experienced a change in both body and mind, even though they were attached to impersonal Brahman understanding.'
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.15.43). For an explanation, see Madhya-lila (17.142).

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