TEXT 312
'eka-sasti' artha ebe sphurila toma-sange
tomara bhakti-vase uthe arthera tarange
eka-sasti—sixty-one; artha—imports; ebe—now; sphurila—has awakened; toma-sange—because of your association; tomara—your; bhakti-vase—by dint of devotional service; uthe—there arises; arthera—of imports; tarange—waves.
"Now, due to your association, another meaning has awakened. It is due to your devotional service that these waves of meaning are arising.
The word atma refers to the living entity. From Lord Brahma down to an insignificant ant, everyone is considered a living entity. Living entities are considered part of the Lord's marginal potency. All of them are ksetrajna, knowers of the body. When they become nirgrantha, or free, saintly persons, they engage in Lord Krsna's service. That is the sixty-first meaning of the verse.

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