TEXT 258
dhanuka bhangi' vyadha tanra carane padila
tare uthana narada upadesa kaila
dhanuka bhangi'-breaking the bow; vyadhathe hunter; tanrahis (Narada Muni's); caraneat the lotus feet; padilasurrendered; tarehim; uthanaraising; naradathe great saint Narada Muni; upadesa kailagave instruction.
"Being thus assured by the great sage Narada Muni, the hunter broke his bow, immediately fell down at the saint's lotus feet and fully surrendered. After this, Narada Muni raised him with his hand and gave him instructions for spiritual advancement.
This is the process of initiation. The disciple must surrender to the spiritual master, the representative of Krsna. The spiritual master, being in the disciplic succession stemming from Narada Muni, is in the same category with Narada Muni. A person can be relieved from his sinful activity if he surrenders to the lotus feet of a person who actually represents Narada Muni. Narada Muni gave instructions to the hunter after the hunter surrendered.

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