TEXT 257
vyadha kahe,--'dhanuka bhangile vartiba kemane?'
narada kahe,--'ami anna diba prati-dine'
vyadha kahe—the hunter replied; dhanuka bhangile—if I break my bow; vartiba kemane—what will be the source of my maintenance; narada kaheNarada Muni replied; ami—I; anna—food; diba—shall supply; prati-dine—every day.
"The hunter replied, 'If I break my bow, how shall I maintain myself?' Narada Muni replied, 'Do not worry. I shall supply all your food every day.'
The source of our income is not actually the source of our maintenance. Every living being-from the great Brahma down to an insignificant ant-is being maintained by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Eko bahunam yo vidadhati kaman. The one Supreme Being, Krsna, maintains everyone. Our so-called source of income is our own choice only. If I wish to be a hunter, it will appear that hunting is the source of my income. If I become a brahmana and completely depend on Krsna, I do not conduct a business, but nonetheless my maintenance is supplied by Krsna. The hunter was disturbed about breaking his bow because he was worried about his income. Narada Muni assured the hunter because he knew that the hunter was not being maintained by the bow but by Krsna. Being the agent of Krsna, Narada Muni knew very well that the hunter would not suffer by breaking the bow. There was no doubt that Krsna would supply him food.

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