TEXT 227
nirgrantha-sabde kahe tabe 'vyadha', 'nirdhana'
sadhu-sange seha kare sri-krsna-bhajana
nirgrantha-sabde—by the word nirgrantha; kahe—is said; tabe—therefore; vyadha—a hunter; nirdhana—without any riches; sadhu-sange—by the association of a saintly person; seha—he also; kare—engages himself; sri-krsna-bhajana—in the devotional service of Lord Krsna.
"The word nirgrantha-when combined with api, used in the sense of certainty-indicates a person who is a hunter by profession or who is very poor. Nonetheless, when such a person associates with a great saint like Narada, he engages in Lord Krsna's devotional service.

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