TEXT 222
'nirgranthah' hana ihan 'api'--nirdharane
'ramas ca krsnas ca' yatha viharaye vane
nirgranthah hanabeing liberated saintly persons; ihanhere; apithe word api; nirdharanein the sense of certainty; ramah ca krsnah caboth Rama and Krsna; yathaas; viharayeenjoy walking; vanein the forest.
"The word nirgranthah is used as an adjective, and api is used in the sense of certainty. For instance, ramas ca krsnas ca means that both Rama and Krsna enjoy walking in the forest.
Because it is said that both Rama and Krsna enjoy wandering in the forest, it is understood that both of Them are enjoying Their tour within the forest.

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